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Speakers – AgileByExample 2011
Please join us this year!



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I like to develop software, and my history shows that I do it well. I've learned it in a real project, with a mentor who slapped my hand whenever I did something wrong. I've tried to continuously improve myself and thus choose to walk the software craftsmanship path.

I like to teach people how to program better and to work side by side with them to build innovative software or solve "impossible" problems while also leveraging their potential. I do not have all the answers, but I like to find the good ones with the help of a team.

Currently I am working with MosaicWorks at developing the agile and software craftsmanship groups in Romania. Details of this activity are available on I also help organizing the local agile conference -

I also provide Unit Testing and Test Driven Development trainings, help groups solve their problems using value stream mapping, do technical coaching and pair programming and others. I've learned many of these techniques by practicing and discussing with much more experienced people, like JB Rainsberger, Corey Haines, David Hussman etc..

I am very passionate about software development; you can read about it on my website -

5000 people trained in Scrum. 3000+ certified. Companies consulted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, England, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, and China. Teams, departments and whole companies made more effective.

Boris Gloger, student of Ken Schwaber, inventor of Scrum, consults customers and teaches Scrum to develop their products more efficiently, faster, and reliably since 2003. He has had his fare share in making Scrum the de facto standard of agile software development in Europe, South Africa, and Brazil.

Inbar is a senior consultant with AgileSparks, an international lean agile consulting company.

Inbar is mainly focused on working with Product Managers to help them
reach higher level of customer satisfaction, by using Agile/Lean thinking and tools
to better understand customers and what they truly want, and on achieving better synchronization
across the organization and with suppliers and partners through clear visibility
and ownership of the entire value stream of their product.

Inbar is an international speaker and lecturer delivering classes in Israel and
across the world. He is married with twins and holds an MA in Buddhism and
East Asian cultures and a second degree black belt in Iaido and Jodo.

Inbar blogs out of

Jutta Eckstein is an independent coach, consultant and trainer from
Braunschweig, Germany. Her know-how in agile processes is based on over
ten years experience in developing applications.
She has helped many teams and organizations all over the world to make the
transition to an agile approach. She has a unique experience in applying
agile processes within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical
projects. This is also the topic of her books 'Agile Software Development
in the Large' and 'Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams'.
She is a member of AgileAlliance and a member of the program committee of
many different European and American conferences in the area of agile
development, object-orientation and patterns.

Karolina and Piotr are experienced agile coaches, who have guided teams towards agility, sometimes more successful, sometimes less.

We work both at anixe in Wroclaw, from where we serve customers from all over the world.

We have worked for major waterfallish corporations, giants in the travel industry, airlines and touroperators like LOT Polish Airlines, TAP Portugal, FTI, AER, Unister.

With blood, sweat and tears, we have fought to bring a better product to all people involved.

We are fans of lean thinking, real options.
Some people think we are arrogant, but what do they mean? When we do something we do it with passion, we only do what we believe is the right thing todo, so if somebody wants something that we do not believe in, we don't do it!

Marcin is SCRUM and eXtreme Programming (XP) practitioner since 2007. He mastered his Scrum and eXtreme Programming skills in world top engineering organisations like Philips Research (one of the first agile engineering groups in the Netherlands) and Motorola Electronics. Being active developer Marcin distinguishes himself from other Agile coaches and trainers by providing concrete solutions to concrete problems experienced everyday by the development teams. Marcin’s practical experience in Planning, Test Automation, Continuous Integration, and Test Driven Development allows him to prevent common mistakes while adopting Scrum and eXtreme Programming.

Marcin presented “Agile Testing of Embedded Systems” during Agile Testing Days 2009 in Berlin, and he led the boot camp session on “Improving your planning by *NOT* estimating” during Amsterdam Scrum Gathering in 2010. In 2009 he defended his Ph.D. in the area of computer security at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. In February 2011 he started his own company Everyday Productive where he develops productivity software for the Apple™ platform and – as Red Green Refactor – he provides training and consultancy services. Since March 2011 Marcin works as a consultant for Quantum of Value, Ltd which is the only provider of the Agile Project Management courses and Agile on-site consultancy to QA – the UK’s leading provider of training courses and learning services. Our customers include Nokia, British Sky Broadcasting, UBS Bank London, Commerzbank London and many more.

Product Manager in iLoop Mobile dealing with product vision sharing across the Atlantic Ocean. Before iLoop worked in Motorola and owned a startup. He started his career as an engineer but smoothly moved into the product roles, once realized that enjoys answering WHAT more than HOW questions. Strong believer that stories and games are the key success factors of future organizations. Study modern organization theories and can’t wait finishing PhD programme in management science. He is a great passionate of mobile solutions and would like to implant a "SMART DEVICE" once it is possible. His new born child is stopping him from taking part in early stage experiments that are taking place in this field.

Marek is agile and lean both enthusiast and practitioner. In his short 4 years carrier he co-founded agile software house called Aenima and AgileWarsaw group. He is always hungry of learning more and exchanging experiences with you.

Monika Konieczny graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science in
Poznań. Monika is a PhD student at the Faculty of Mathematics and
Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In her
research she studies broad aspects of the soft project management,
especially effective motivation and use of gamification and simulation
games to make the team happier :) and more productive. She works as a
Project Manager/Scrum Master at iLoop Mobile,
where she coordinates the work of the teams creating tools necessary
to run mobile adds campaigns. Monika is interested in traveling around
the world, diving and photography.

Nick Oostvogels is a consultant who has worked at different companies in various industries.

At the moment he helps teams to delivering successful projects in whatever role necessary. He is currently working for 4C Technologies, a Belgian consulting firm, often as a project manager or coach. Nick has 4 years of hands-on experience in agile and lean and 10 years experience in software development.

He is a proud father of a daughter and twin boys, and enjoys outdoor sports such as mountain bike, running, soccer and drinking a Duvel afterwards. Nick is a regular blogger and enjoys speaking and learning at conferences.

Pawel Brodzinski is an experienced leader and team builder who managed different software teams along his career from tiny groups working on in-house solutions up to big software divisions working on multiple complex projects. He works at VSoft – one of top Polish vendors of solutions for financial market – where he leads 150 engineers.

Pawel is also well-recognized blogger writing about software project management at He is a fan of choosing right approach to right problem and doesn't believe in a silver bullet. Pawel is passionate about leading great teams, fixing broken projects and creating high-quality software.

Paweł Lipiński is a programmer, architect, team coach. For the last couple of years he has worked as a software and system architect, mainly with enterprise projects.

Currently he works at Pragmatists - a company based in Poland, Warsaw - dealing with services for development teams (coaching, training, leading of teams), helping with 'death march' projects and creation of software using agile methods.

He is a Certified Scrum Practitioner and possesses countless technical certificates mainly from Java and JEE land.

Piotr is a strong believer. He does believe in (first) - 'developers not programmers' which led him along the road from Java programmer -> team lead -> project manager -> agile manager (doing Scrum / Kanban / coaching / adopting / evangelizing) -> back to Java team lead / analyst / solution architect; and (second) - 'make IT simple' and 'make IT better' - always looking for most suitable, simpliest and most elegant solution both technically and process-wise. He's currently holding a position of a team leader and the board member in TouK.

Systems Architect. With Ericpol Telecom - a company specializing in production and development of software for telecommunications and M2M - since 2002. Graduate, with Master degree, of International Faculty of Engineering at The Technical University of Łódź, in field of Telecommunications and Computer Science. Professional experience gained across projects, held for largest telecoms, in Poland, Belarus, Ireland, Hungary and Spain.

Applying agile techniques since 2008. Thinks more focus should be put on “organization agility” rather than, already very well described, “agility of the teams”.

A team player - enjoys team work and cooperation. Loves football.

Szczepan Faber is a busy crusader. He burns heretics of waterfall and gets rid of barbarians who shun writing proper Christian code. He specializes in magical enhancement of developer tools. Gradle - the artifact he focuses at the moment provides every team member with +3 to all automation skills. Sometime before, Szczepan forged Mockito, an artifact embedded with magical runes that grant the bearer +3 to the unit testing skill and +5 to the developer happiness.

Szczepan practiced, trained & coached in Gradleware@Berlin, Sabre@Krakow and ThoughtWorks@London. His diaries are hidden on the

Thomas Sundberg is a consultant at Sigma Solutions AB in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm. He has been working as a Java developer the last ten years. His first experience with test driven development was with JUnit the autumn of 2000. He has also worked as a lecturer at KTH teaching programming courses. There he realized that students who solve programming assignments in pairs normally produce better solutions compared to students working alone. Thomas has a passion for automation and has set up and maintained Continuous Integration systems since 2004 at different companies, including a large Swedish-Japanese mobile phone manufacturer.

Tomek is quite experienced (13+ years) software developer, architect, leader and PM. When creating software for the polish army and industry he realized that even he do his best to do it right it was still far from the right thing that should be created. Agility was a natural way to change it.

Since 2007 Tomek adopt FDD and Scrum in different projects and teams. Always with fun, usually with success.

Currently Tomek is a development manager at 9LivesData LLC in the international NEC HYDRAstor project. This 50+ team of C++ geeks adopted Scrum to create distributed and concurrent software with extending quality.

Tomek believes in common sense and motivated developers. His 2 children and beach volley prevent him from managing the blog :-)

Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer experienced in traditional (sigh) and agile methodologies (mostly Scrum + XP) for 10+ years. He has been also responsible for managing and staffing software projects, business development and mentoring.

Currently he runs agile and Atlassian consulting business in the company he co-founded – SPARTEZ. Besides working on Atlassian JIRA on a daily basis, Wojciech contributed to several open source projects (including Atlassian IDE Connectors) and is an author of ScreenSnipe – a commercial product sold globally.

Wojciech was presenting at several international conferences including Devoxx 2008, Agile2009, AgileEE 2010, EclipseCon 2009, AtlasCamp 2008 & 2009, AtlasCamp 2010, JDD 2009, Javarsovia 2010, 33degree 2011 and smaller technical/business events in Poland and abroad.