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AgileByExample Feedback Summary – AgileByExample 2011
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AgileByExample Feedback Summary

First of all we want to thank you once again for giving us a lot of feedback during and after the AgileByExample 2011 conference. We’ve already analyzed the feedback forms collected at the end of Friday and it’s time to share a summary with you.

Overall event feedback was very positive. Of course we didn’t manage to satisfy all of the needs but we were able to meet most of them, which is a good starting point for the next edition.

We were asking attendees if they would come to ABE2012 and almost 60% responded with yes, other with maybe, there were a few forms without any response, but what’s most important, there was nobody saying no.

The 2/3 of you were satisfied with the level of content we’ve provided. The rest would like to see some more advanced talks next year (something to look for during the next call for papers).

We are very happy that the format of the conference was so well accepted. Over 80% of you liked both the single track and short 30 minutes talks. You liked also our Q&A sessions performed after a block of related talks and engaging more than one speaker.

Many of you would also like to see some Open Spaces along with the Q&A. This is something that we should consider for the next year’s edition.

Also the venue (Centralny Basen Artystyczny) was well accepted which we are also very happy with. As you all know it was a very original place which created a great environment for many informal talks and exchange of experience among participants.

Of course we are aware of some flaws this place had, which you have also pointed out in the forms. Some of them we’ve managed to address during the second day of the conference, the others we will definitely have in mind next year.

It won’t be a surprise that our Kanban block contained the best rated presentations during the conference. It is probably not only because of the good quality of the both talks but also due to a fierce discussion during the Q&A. It engaged you to the point where we needed to cut it in the middle to keep our schedule on track and it was one of the discussions continued until the late hours during the Thursday’s party.

If you are curious which of the talks were most highly rated here is our TOP 5:

  1. Marcin Czenko with “Don’t Start with Kanban”
  2. Paweł Brodziński with “Suprising Truth about Kananb Improvements”
  3. Inbar Oren with “How to Loose a Team in 10 Days”
  4. Karolina Polak & Piotr Żołnierek “Pain is Only Temporary, Victory is Forever”
  5. Monika Konieczny with her “Kitchen Lab”

Most of the presentation slides are already available at the Speakers page. You can also find the impressions and reviews already posted by some of the attendees like:

If you haven’t attended AgileByExample this year, you can find some photos taken during the event at

Looking at the feedback we’ve received and our own impressions we think AgileByExample 2011 was a great success! Thank you all for being a part of this!

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